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cocker spaniel rescue dog for adoption
pug rescue puppy for adoption
beagle mix rescue dog for adoption

Considering becoming a foster home for a dog in need? We are actively looking to expand our foster program!
Fostering is incredibly rewarding and quite literally saves lives. On our foster and waiting list, we have adult spaniels, mini poodles, large and small breed puppies, special needs puppies, retrievers, and more calls coming in each day.


Most of our fosters are based in Stratford/St.Marys/Guelph/Clinton/London/Kitchener/Mitchell and surrounding areas. Please note that at this time we only have the ability to manage fosters within 1.5 hours from St.Marys ON. We may eventually expand our fostering program but we have to keep it manageable so that we can be there and support our fosters, personally. We have run into a lot of issues with foster-to-adopt homes, so at this point first-time Fosters are typically not permitted to adopt their foster dog. We are looking for people willing to give a temporary place for a dog in need.


We have a waiting list of dogs from breeders including small breed, large breeds, seniors and puppies. Most of our ‘drop offs’ are retired breeding dogs, which means they have limited to no experience being inside a home. This means that as a foster, you will help them adjust to their new life as a pet, which can require quite a bit of time and patience but is also extremely rewarding! We get retired breeding dogs of all shapes and sizes and the wonderful thing about these dogs is that they are often very well socialized with other dogs (used to being kenneled with many other dogs) and do very well in homes with a canine companion to show them the ropes.


Join K9SS foster group on Facebook (Link at the bottom of this page). This is where we post the dogs that are looking for foster homes and a ‘waiting list’ dogs. Fill out a fostering application and the watch the posts on the fostering group and comment if you see a dog that you are interested in fostering. We will review your application and call if it’s a possible match!


As a foster, you are required to manage the day-to-day care of your foster dog/puppy. Fosters are also required to get your dog to the vet clinic in Exeter (or there is sometimes availability at clinics in Guelph, Kitchener or Hamilton), at an agreed-upon time. We plan ahead and make sure that the scheduled appointment works well with your schedule. There are some cases where we can carpool or arrange a driver, but we ask that the fosters don’t count on that as it’s not always possible to arrange. Foster dogs are typically picked up in St.Marys ON. You are also expected to keep in touch with your foster coordinator and notify us of any concerns about your foster dog. We ensure that our foster coordinators are very responsive by text/call, in case any issues do arise. We can cover all costs associated with vet care, grooming, kibble, and supplies.

If you are within our fostering range and this program seems like a good match for you and your family, please join our foster group! You must answer the questions (please answer honestly) in order to join. We try to keep this group small and manageable with only those that are actively interested in becoming a foster home.

pug beagle mix rescue dog

Note: If you don’t have Facebook access, please still submit an application and we can call to discuss any dogs that may be a good fit.

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